Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps

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One of the very first stinging insects to make an appearance during the season, the paper wasp is easily identified by its thin, dark wings and downward "drooping" legs when in flight. These semi-social insects are 3/4 inch to 1 inch in length and are brownish, sometimes reddish, with yellow and dark orange markings.  Although typically found nesting in eaves, under decks, and behind window shutters, the paper wasp will infest and breed pretty much anywhere cover is provided. In fact, most paper wasp infestations occur around the perimeter of your attic. This area not only provides shelter from weather and predators during the warmer months but also a warm place to hibernate during the winter. 

Paper wasp nests consist of a single layer of paper-like comb constructed with downward facing egg cells and attached to a structure via a single pedicle. Unlike the yellow jacket or hornet, paper wasp nests are never enclosed by an envelope. Paper wasps are only aggressive if they are provoked or a threat is perceived. European paper wasps, however, seem to have a rather quick temper and are much more aggressive than their relative. 

A common "trigger" for paper wasps is usually a vibration such as bumping a window shutter during cleaning or painting, although European paper wasps, nesting on the underside of your deck, may only need the vibration of you walking over them to provoke an attack.

Need Wasp Control?

  • Queens in early spring or late fall may appear sluggish and half asleep 
  • If found inside, they’re usually congregating around windows or other sources of light
  • Most commonly found in the Pittsburgh area are Northern paper wasps and European paper wasps
  • Legs hang below body during flight
  • Build small to medium sized paper nests with downward facing egg cells
  • Typically found behind shutters, under decks, in hollow railings or fence pipe, and in attics 
  • On hot summer days will congregate around sources of water like swimming pools or pets exterior water dishes
  • Very aggressive. Will attack in numbers if disturbed 

Wasp Prevention and Nest Control

Paper wasp nest removal and control begins with prevention. To effectively control this type of stinging insect, it is best to prevent the queens from establishing nests early in the season. This is best done by taking advantage of my Wasp Prevention Program. 

However, if you are in need of paper wasp nest removal and control or have an established nest now, The Bee Man is more than qualified and willing to help with same-day wasp removal services. Because paper wasps' nests are exposed, that is to say not enveloped by a paper covering, control and removal should be performed by a specialist armed with the proper materials and expertise. 

If a paper wasp nest removal is attempted improperly, the workers, not confined by a paper covering, can quickly fly in multiple directions away from the nest to defend it. Furthermore, the queen may have a chance to escape and rebuild in a nearby area, possibly a less accessible one. If you are in need of paper wasp nest removal or need help with other bee removal, The Bee Man is here for you.
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