Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald-Faced Hornets

Experienced Removal of Bald-Faced Hornets

A type of aerial yellow jacket, the bald-faced hornet, sometimes referred to as a "white-faced" hornet, gets its name from its predominantly white face and black body. Constructing its aerial nests from chewed wood fiber, bald-faced hornets are social insects; mature nests typically house 100 - 600 workers. At its maturity, the nest can be quite impressive with sizes of up to 15 inches in diameter and 24 inches in length. 

Bald-faced hornets nest exclusively outdoors in shrubs, vines, trees, and other vegetation. They may also attach their nest to overhangs, houses, sheds, or other structures. Nearly all nests are constructed in exposed locations.

Identifying Bald-Faced Hornets

  • Predominately black with white markings and white face
  • Nest exclusively outdoors in gray, semi-round, upside down teardrop-shaped nests 
  • Mature nests can be quite large
  • Nests typically found in shrubs / trees or under overhangs of the home usually in exposed locations
  • Extremely aggressive and will sting repeatedly 

Safe and Detailed Nest Removal

Bald-faced hornet nest removal and extermination is quite dangerous as these extremely aggressive insects will attack ferociously if a threat is perceived. In fact, they will sting repeatedly to defend the nest until the perceived threat is gone. Like their relative, the yellow jacket, bald-faced hornets can be very easily alarmed by something as simple as a bump to their nest or misinterpreted movement. Given the size, color, and odd shape, bald-faced hornet nests usually attract quite a bit of attention, especially from children. 

Please keep the area around the nest clear of people until The Bee Man arrives. Call The Bee Man today for bald-faced or white-faced hornet nest removal and extermination. All work is guaranteed in writing and performed by the owner with the highest regard for professionalism and promptness for every customer.
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