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Kevin and Daniel Abraham provide years of expertise that spans two generations…many of their customers are second generation as well. One question they receive quite often is: “How did you ever get into this line of work?”  

Kevin Abraham 
(Pittsburgh’s Original Bee Man)

In the spring of 1981, while working as a bee keeper on a small farm in Washington County, Kevin began developing the methodology and techniques behind the control and removal of bees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets. 
As his honey company grew, Kevin often received phone calls from the general public struggling with stinging insect infestations, unable to receive help from their local pest control/exterminating companies. Finding this quite strange, Kevin investigated why these pest control companies were referring their customers to him. He found that not only was there no methodology behind the control of these stinging pests, but none of the pest control technicians were willing to work with these dangerous and highly aggressive, stinging insects.
Already quite familiar with the nesting and breeding habits of his honey bee colonies, Kevin added to this extensive knowledge by observing and researching other stinging insects including hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets. Once he was able map and document the various nesting habits and lifecycles of these stinging insects, he was able to develop a means by which they could be controlled; the stinging insect control industry was born. 

Kevin would later write a book on the subject that is still being used by many pest control operators. These techniques are today recognized by the PA Department of Agriculture (PDA) as well as the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) as the proper way of controlling bees, hornets, and wasps.
While servicing the many neighborhoods of south western Pennsylvania, often with one of his seven children, the name “Kevin Abraham” became synonymous with the industry he created, and he quickly became known as “The Bee Man.” His son Daniel joined his team shortly after the industry was born. 

Kevin and Daniel Abraham provide years of expertise that spans two generations.

Many of their customers are second generation as well!
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Daniel Abraham 
(Kevin’s Son)

In the summer of 1984, Daniel joined his father’s bee control and removal team: he was only 7 years old. 

During their summer vacation from school, Daniel, along with his four sisters and two brothers, would take turns going on “bee calls,” (as they called it) with their father. Not only was this an excellent opportunity to learn about stinging insects as well as a very unique and particular skill of controlling them, it also allowed Kevin and his children to spend time together since the summer time is quite a busy ‘bee’ season. Daniel stayed in the bee removal and bee control industry, starting his own business: Bee Busters.   
From a curious 7-year-old, throughout high school, until well after college, Daniel continued to perfect the application of these bee control methods year after year. A couple of years after graduating from college, Daniel started a home remodeling company: Integrity Residential Remodeling (a name his customers recommended). 
This field allowed him to explore various styles of residential structures, particularly how these structures change over time to create favorable nesting / breeding sites for stinging insects. Knowing the inner mechanics and structure of a home is extremely beneficial when developing a successful bee control program.
Daniel is 40 now and in that time has taken what his father personally taught him throughout the years and coupled it with his own experiences, techniques, and skills, both as a "Bee Man" and a home remodeling contractor. 

Armed with this extensive knowledge, Daniel and his father provide unique and effective methods of control, removal, and prevention of all stinging insects.
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