Mud Wasps

Mud Wasps

Fast and Effective Mud Wasp Removal

A type of solitary wasp, the Mud Dauber gets its name from the fact that it constructs its nest by forming mud into tubes or tunnels. These tunnels, usually constructed in areas that provide cover from weather, are typically 3 inches to 4 inches in size and contain small spiders, paralyzed by the dauber’s venom. These spiders will act as hosts for the young dauber larvae. 

Let The Bee Man remove any mud wasps and nests to prevent their future return to your home. I can offer same-day service in most areas.

Identifying Mud Wasps

These slender insects are usually black in color and may have pale to yellow markings or a metallic luster; some species will appear "jittery" as they walk. Mud daubers typically do not defend their nests and will usually not sting unless grabbed or handled. If you are fed up with unsightly mud daubers or need bees removed, call The Bee Man today.
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